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EscaTEQ Makes Cleaning Escalators Easy

EscaTEQ is your one-stop escalator cleaning supply store. We provide nothing but top-notch cleaning services for escalators and sell only the latest and modern manufactured escalator cleaning machinery and equipment. EscaTEQ’s reputation and escalator cleaning services are unmatched.

EscaTEQ’s cleaning solution, which is validated by top escalator maintenance companies, obtains a comparable outcome to a power washing, yet with no service disruption.

Our escalator cleaning equipment meets all of our client’s requirements and demands. We ensure that our escalator cleaning supply can complete every job fast and safe.

Escalator’s get dirty and EscaTeq makes cleaning them easy.

Our Escalator Cleaning Products

We have the most advanced cleaning supply and products there are. Our world-class manufactured and engineered machinery has been endorsed and recommended by the leading escalator maintenance companies and manufacturers around the world.


With Rail-TEQ, operators can hold the device with both hands and with less effort while the tool maintains pressure around the entire contact surface of the handrail. Moreover, our washable microfiber pads can safely remove dirt buildup with their sponge liner. These pads can hold additional cleaning solutions, allowing for longer cycles of cleaning.

Rail-TEQ is made to clean every escalator’s handrails safely and effectively.


Tread-TEQ does not require the escalator to be shut off and does not require an external power source. The tool is easier to use than a mop and requires less effort to use than a broom.

Tread-TEQ is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an escalator in just a few minutes. Using the escalator's propulsion to generate the cleaning action, so no outside power is required, there's no need to turn the escalator off whilst cleaning.
The Tread-TEQ tool system includes a Quick Release Telescoping Handle, Head Unit, and Saturation Tub which is available in 3 widths (for 60cm, 80cm and 100cm wide escalators). The Tread-TEQ Pads also come in the same 3 widths (60cm, 80cm, 100cm) and are available in two tread patterns: V-pattern and W-pattern to suit the various escalator brands and manufacturers. Tread-TEO Pads can be rinsed out and are reusable.'

Our Escateq escalator cleaning systems works with escalator brands like KONE Toshiba,Mitsubishi Electric, Schindler, Westinghouse,Haughton/Peelle OTIS Fujitec, ThyssenKrupp, Hyundai Steel, Hitachi


Clean the vertical risers of your escalator quickly and easily with Riser-TEQ. The head unit is very light, so it moves quickly, with little effort for faster, more effective cleaning. The removable, washable, reusable cleaning pads also mount and remove easily. Riser-TEQ cleans the front face of escalator step

Riser-TEQ is a lightweight, one person operational, easy to use tool and pad system that allows for rapid and effective riser cleaning.


Clean-TEQ is a powerful escalator cleaning solution that ensures effective cleaning and degreasing of escalator steps and travellators. It’s formulated to be safe for use on all escalator and travellator (walkway) brands models and finishes. Clean-TEQ is a ‘quat-based’ neutral pH, no-rinse cleaner with low foaming, as well as anti-corrosion and slip resistance additives. It also dissolves oil, grease and mineral soiling.


Absorb-TEQ is a patented cleaning sponge formulation that allows our Tread-TEQ and Riser-TEQ cleaning pads to clean faster and more completely. Absorb-TEQ rinses better and dries faster too.

EscaTEQ Cleaning Solution

Clean-TEQ Concentrated Escalator Cleaning Solution comes in a 5L bottle;

Deep Clean with EscaTEQ Escalator Cleaning Tools

EscaTEQ is an innovation design lab that manufactures easy to use, cost-effective escalator cleaning tools. We are a diverse group of creative thinkers, enthusiastic engineers ​and global business leaders. What makes our cleaning tools more beneficial is the following:

‘Elevate Safety, Step up to Clean’

  • Innovative
    Our goal is to solve every problem through innovation, not just to make something fresh and new. We want to make sure that our escalator cleaning equipment and supply have value as a process or product before we call it innovative. It should be a process that didn’t exist before.
  • Straightforward
    All of our escalator cleaning products are intuitive, user friendly and intelligible. There’s no need for complex training.
  • Elegant
    We value not just the brand’s quality but also its beauty. It is a meticulous design, resulting from higher-quality manufacturing processes and better materials.

EscaTEQ Makes Cleaning Escalators Easy

Tread-TEQ is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an escalator in just a few minutes.
Using the escalator's propulsion to generate the cleaning action so no outside power is required, there's no need to turn the escalator off whilst cleaning.


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